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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Better Learning Strategies Through Usage of Tech.

I was amazed by the story of a young entrepreneur that has already become a successful individual at a very young age. His name is Michael Furdyk, a young millionaire that has not just become rich through the usage of technology, but has also helped many lives in the process. It was interesting how he first became rich by doing what very few people dared to do, then decided to continue with technology to create web pages to help out people all around the world. Him being so young and already getting the chance to work with people such as Bill Gates motivated me to want to do innovative things in this country, as suggested by our tutor, Edgar K. Audelo. Another thing discussed is how it can be implemented in our educational system to promote a technologically involved culture. If technology is something Mexico lacks in its infrastructure, we should be the ones to apply its use to teach others and make major advances like the young visionary we talked about today.


  1. Great comments. You should be a young visionay as well.

  2. Thank you. It is something that comes to mind seeing how there is so much to do in our country technology wise.