Welcome to my blog! By visiting this domain you will be able to keep up with my progress and learn a few thing's along the way. The purpose is to demonstrate how technology ifluences in our daily lives and how we are able use it for a positive learning and teacheing outcomes. Through this blog, my thought's and opinions will be displayed, hopefully not to contradict anyone, so please do not be offended by certain posts. Hopefully you will visit me soon! "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Monday, October 29, 2012

21st Century Tools Podcast

Hello everyone! Today I will share with a project in which we created a podcast based on what we have learned recently. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Technology Advances Over Time

Hello everyone! Just made this post to give a brief example of how technology has changed over time and how it has changed society with it. Most things are for the better, lets hope they continue to be so.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Google Glasses

Saw these new glasses Google is creating and thought they were quite interesting. Not sure how they can be applied to teaching, but it does make things a lot simpler in our daily lives.

Reflection on A Day Made of Glass

Truly in awe after watching technologies not thought possible a few decades ago being applied in our daily lives. The video we saw had to do with different types of glass used to create a very technologically advanced society. It shows how we create a society that uses it for most things and through that make life easier for everyone. We must take into consideration that it is very advanced and costly as well. I think that it would be very good to live in a society like the one showed in the video. It is possible, maybe not in the near future due to the little money invested in our country, but it is something we can hope for later on. Lets hope for the best and that we may use it as a basic thing for carrying out our daily duties in the future as we saw in the two videos.

Did you know? My thoughts

So many things going on in this world without knowing sometimes. So many facts that we are unaware of. Its amazing how the internet is causing so many things in us as human beings, just by the statistics that were shared in the video we saw in class. I think that there could be a downside to all of this. The downside would be that we are depending too much on technology and we are becoming vulnerable to an event that would leave us short of it. The positive way to view things is that its application in our daily lives makes things easier and more efficient. I think that since everything is changing, we must keep up and be prepared for anything.

Gadget's Galore Reflection

Todays class consisted in viewing teaching through the technological perspective. We did so by reading an article named Gadgets Galore. It was about ways to make lessons more technological and interactive. By doing so, the students learn more by having fun and done with more efficiency. I think it is very interesting since it gives us a different perspective on how to teach using things we use daily or that we are very familiar with. One of the ideas I liked the most was an activity that required for the students to take pictures around town of English signs and showing them later to see if they used correct grammar or not. It really impulsed me to think of different applications for traching through technology and to consider them in my future teaching!

What macro-businesses are doing for education

If you are visiting this blog you are most likely aware of three macro companies that will be mentioned. They are Apple, Telmex and Microsoft. The company owners or CEO's are some of the richest men in the world, many of us aspire to one day be like them, but we are here to discuss a different topic. In our class we wondered what it is that they are doing for education. Some things may be relevant since we are just getting to know certain technologies and how they can be applied to teach.